Why These Amazing Ideas Were Banned in F1’s Hybrid Era

Many innovative ideas have been used to improve F1 cars since the Hybrid Era began, but what about the ideas that the FIA said No to? From 2018’s complex front wings, to bargeboards, to suspension and even “shark fins”, Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at the last few years and even to the upcoming regulation changes to see what was deemed illegal in Formula 1’s Technical Regulations.

0:00 The Hybrid Era
0:28 Delaying the 2021 Rules to 2022
1:58 Goodbye Bargeboards
3:07 Beam Wings
3:39 How To Stop Merc’s Domination?
4:01 FRIC Suspension
4:44 Shark Fins
5:24 The Halo and Ferrari’s Mounted Mirrors
6:26 Simplifying 2018’s Front Wings
7:13 Blown Axles and Brake Ducts
7:57 Rear Wing Louvres / Slots
8:16 2021’s Aerodynamics

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