Why F1 2021 Is The Best Formula 1 Game So Far | F1 2021 Review

What makes F1 2021: The Game so entertaining? Codemasters’ Latest Formula 1 game is set to impress, releasing on July 16th with a new story mode, Braking Point, deeper customisation and more, so Luke Smith, Autosport’s F1 Reporter, takes a deep dive into what’s new in the game, what’s improved and why F1 fans will enjoy sinking many hours into the latest F1 video game.

0:00 The Latest F1 Game
0:32 Braking Point
1:57 My Team
2:32 Career Modes
3:27 Settings and Difficulty
4:01 The Driving Experience
4:46 Racetracks and Seasons
5:33 Multiplayer and Customisation
6:09 The Final Verdict

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