Why Do Modern F1 Cars Have “Raised Noses”?

Modern Formula 1 cars all use variations on the “Raised Nose” concept, but in 1990 the Tyrrell 019 was leading the charge with this groundbreaking innovation. But where did the idea come from? And how did it work? Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at the birth of Tyrrell 019, it’s innovative front end and how the Raised Nose design affected F1 to this very day.

0:00 Modern Raised Noses
0:26 The First Raised Nose Car
2:12 Creating the Tyrrell 019 from the 018
3:51 Unveiling the Tyrrell 019
5:01 The 019’s Secret Weapon
6:01 The Tyrrell 019’s ending
6:46 The Raised Nose Legacy

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