Why Aston Martin Threatened Legal Action Over Formula 1 2021 Rules

Could Aston Martin have the legal grounds to threaten the FIA over Formula 1’s 2021 Tech Regulations? Aston Martin said that they are lobbying the FIA to let them tweak the 2021 aero rules regarding floors and low rake cars, but have also said legal action could be a route taken if needed. Jake Boxall-Legge looks into the tech behind the situation, whether Aston Martin could start a legal case, and whether or not the situation is just “part of Formula 1”.

0:00 Aston Martin’s Disadvantage
0:36 Why Aston Wants Rule Changes
1:26 Displeasure With How The Rules Were Introduced
2:12 Aston’s Legal Threat To The FIA
3:03 What Can Aston Martin Protest?
3:53 The Fly In Aston’s Ointment
4:40 Looking At 2021’s Cars So Far
5:09 Aston Martin And The Future

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