Why 2022 Cars Won’t Look Like Formula 1’s Reveal

What will 2022’s F1 cars actually look like? We finally saw Formula 1 unveil a full-sized version of its 2022 concept at Silverstone, but we all know that the teams will do everything they can do to get the most from the regulations. Autosport’s Technical Editor Jake Boxall-Legge looks at how F1’s own concept has varied, how F1 teams will change the design, and what happened in 2012 when a new ruleset produced the painful stepped nose F1 cars.

0:00 F1’s 2022 Car Unveiled
0:47 Teams Developing Their Own Cars
1:23 Rules, Aesthetics and Performance
2:03 F1 Concept Variations
2:56 Designing Within The Regulations
3:28 Rule Changes and 2012’s Stepped Noses
4:29 F1 Team’s Design Priorities
5:07 What We’ll Actually See In 2022

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