Vettel’s Fuel Sample Failure Explained – And What Happens Next | Formula 1

Can Vettel be un-disqualified if Aston Martin appeal against the FIA’s ruling? And how does the appeal process even work? Despite a superb drive to 2nd place after a hectic 1st lap crash at the Hungarian GP, Sebastian Vettel was disqualified for failing to provide a full fuel sample to the FIA. Jess McFadyen takes a look at the Formula 1 rules, how Vettel got to this point, and what Aston Martin can do about it in the future.

0:00 Vettel’s Fuel Disqualification
0:36 F1’s Fuel Sample Rules Explained
1:17 What Happened To Vettel In Hungary
2:26 The FIA’s Fuel Sample Failure
3:15 Other Fuel Failure Examples
3:40 Why Is Aston Martin Set To Appeal?
4:36 What Will Happen Next
5:45 What If The Disqualification Sticks?

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