Top 10 – Most famous sports in the world

Most famous sports of world – sharwan Kori

Easily the most popular way to spend time would be to play sports or watch it. Thats exactly why we see so many channels competing and are also ready to spend crores of their money to buy the rights of these sporting event. But which one brings in more money will directly be associated with the popularity of these sports.

Today @ Simbly chumma we are going to talk about the most famous sports in the world based on viewership.

This top 10 was suggested by Mr. Sharwan Kori and we like to Thank him a lot for the idea.
We @ Simbly Chumma want to thank everyone who had sent their ideas to us. And before we enter the top 10 why don’t you subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon as well, so that you don’t miss any of our other videos

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GreenScreen Brasil


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