The Tech Red Bull Hopes Will Beat Mercedes In Formula 1

How do Red Bull’s latest tech upgrades benefit the RB16B? The Portuguese Formula 1 Grand Prix might not have been the most exciting race of all time, but the heat between Mercedes and Red Bull continues to heat up in F1’s 2021 season. Jake Boxalle-Legge takes a look at how Red Bull upgraded its F1 machinery with updated bargeboards, an improved floor and new diffuser to help it win the F1 world championship.

0:00 Red Bull’s Upgraded Tech
0:41 RB16B’s Sidepod Blinds
1:02 Amended Sidepod Structures
1:35 The Z-Cutout’s Mini Bargeboard
2:09 Red Bull’s Super Thin Diffuser
2:33 Red Bull And The Portuguese GP
3:21 Did The Upgrades Help?
3:54 Red Bull’s Future Races
4:14 Red Bull’s Battle With Mercedes

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