The BANNED F1 Tyre Tricks Teams Have Been Using To Fool Pirelli | Formula 1 2021

How do the FIA’s updated Technical Regulations affect F1 team’s tyre tricks? After the statements about the Azerbaijan GP’s tyre blowouts for Red Bull and Aston Martin, the FIA has updated it’s Tech Regs to close off tyre tricks and loopholes the teams may-or-may-not- have been using to bypass the rules. Jess McFadyen takes a look at the new regulations, how they change the upcoming French GP and whether the Formula 1 teams can use any of the tyre tricks to gain the upper hand.

0:00 The New Tyre Rules
0:28 Tyre Pressure Loopholes
0:52 Removing Tyre Blankets Early
2:00 Overheating The Blankets
2:48 Tyre Pressure Leeways
3:39 Using Special Gases
4:14 Who’s At Fault – Red Bull or Pirelli?

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