The argument behind F1’s most dominant car: Origin story of the MP4/4

With 15 wins from 16 grands prix, 15 poles, 10 fastest laps and 1003 laps led from a total of 1031 in 1988, it is also one of the most dominant cars in F1’s history. Its success arguably re-wrote the definition of dominance in F1 and took Ayrton Senna to the first of his three world titles, while the car also won Autosport’s ‘World Cup’ style poll to discover the most popular F1 car of all time last year.

But the MP4/4’s legacy is disputed. This is primarily due to a disagreement between F1 design legend Gordon Murray and Steve Nichols, respectively technical director and chief designer at McLaren in the late 1980s, over which of them came up with the main concepts that made the car so successful.

In this exclusive 3D animation video, released first to Autosport Plus subscribers, the MP4/4’s technical elements and design philosophies are explained in detail, as is the dispute between Murray and Nichols.

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