The parts Williams changed to make sure its 2019 F1 car is legal

Williams has been in the news again in the build-up to the Australian Grand Prix, with two areas of its car being altered to ensure they are legal heading to the first race. Our technical editor Jake Boxall-Legge joins Glenn Freeman to explain what was potentially illegal about the FW42’s suspension and mirrors in their […]

F1 testing 2019: What's going wrong for troubled Williams

Following the news that Williams will miss the second day of 2019 F1 testing, Scott Mitchell and Gary Anderson join Glenn Freeman at the Circuit de Catalunya to discuss how things have unravelled for the British team, the worrying signs about the way its no-shows are being announced, and if there can be any hope […]

The story behind Williams's new F1 livery

Williams unveiled its new colour scheme for the 2019 F1 season this week. But the white and blue combination did not come from it’s new title sponsor, whose main colours are black and red. So how did the team end up with this design? Scott Mitchell joins Glenn Freeman to report on the launch event […]