Was the 1998 season the zenith for Super Touring cars?

As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of British touring cars, Peter Windsor caught up with one of the BTCC’s living legends, Anthony Reid. For Anthony, the zenith of super touring cars was in the summer of ’98, when he was racing a Nissan Primera GT, Nigel Mansell was in the championship, the major manufacturers were […]

Looking back on the Williams FW14B

Loaded with sophisticated electronics and driver aids, the Williams FW14B was one of the most advanced and successful Formula 1 cars of its generation. Legendary technical illustrator Giorgio Piola joins Jake Boxall-Legge to share his memories of a true F1 icon – which took Nigel Mansell to his 1992 title.

Being chased by Schumacher in the rain – Nigel Mansell

Nigel Mansell tells the story of the 1992 Spanish Grand Prix, when he was trying to fend off a charging young Michael Schumacher in the rain. Watch the full interview here: https://motorsport.tv/channel/motorsportcom/video/the-windsor-interviews-nigel-mansell/2359