F1’s 2022 rule changes: 10 things you need to know

Formula 1 has finally revealed its major rule changes for 2021, and there is plenty of ground to cover. In this video Jake Boxall-Legge guides you through all the key changes that are coming as part of the overhaul, ranging from technical and sporting matters, to F1’s first official cost cap

10 pivotal moments in Lewis Hamilton’s sixth F1 world championship

Lewis Hamilton is now a six-time world champion. To celebrate that remarkable achievement, we go back through the key moments of the 2019 season that proved decisive in enabling Hamilton to close to within one title of Michael Schumacher’s record of seven. From pre-season testing, to Ferrari dropping the ball and Mercedes bringing some mega […]

Aston Martin Young Driver Award finalists chosen | On Track Recap 🔁

On Track Recap gets you up to speed with the top motorsport news from Autosport. McLaren’s Mercedes engine deal announced https://bcp.crwdcntrl.net/5/c=13030/b=66255553?https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/146274/mclaren-mercedes-engine-deal-announced 📅WRC drops Corisca, Spain and Australia for 2020 https://bcp.crwdcntrl.net/5/c=13030/b=66255553?https://www.autosport.com/wrc/news/146258/wrc-drops-corsica-spain-and-australia-for-2020 💥“Wholly at fault” Mazepin given severe penalty for Sochi F2 crash https://bcp.crwdcntrl.net/5/c=13030/b=66255553?https://www.autosport.com/f2/news/146304/wholly-at-fault-mazepin-given-harsh-fia-penalty ✍️Mitch Evans signs new Jaguar Formula E deal ahead of 2019/20 season https://bcp.crwdcntrl.net/5/c=13030/b=66255553?https://www.autosport.com/fe/news/146237/evans-signs-new-jaguar-deal-ahead-of-201920 […]

How F1 could stop virtual safety cars changing race outcomes – Chain Bear explains

Since its introduction to Formula 1, the virtual safety car period has become influential in race outcomes if it is deployed at a critical phase of a grand prix. In this video Chain Bear explains why making a pitstop under VSC conditions is so attractive to teams, and how they will often try to cover […]

Discovering an ‘illegal secret’ on a Formula 1 car

Formula 1 has always been about pushing the regulations to the maximum, and occasionally that includes stepping over the mark and doing all you can to avoid getting caught. Giorgio Piola recalls such an incident with the Ligier JS11, and how he spent months trying to work out what the French team was up to. […]

New team name in F1 and Subaru leaves BTCC | On Track Recap News 🔁

Toro Rosso will rebrand in 2020 and Subaru calls time on its BTCC campaign. On Track Recap gets you up to speed with the top motorsport news from Autosport.com. 🐂Toro Rosso’s name change approved for 2020 Formula 1 season – https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/146617/toro-rosso-name-change-for-2020-approved 👎Formula 1 now likely to drop 2020 reversed grid format trials – https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/146662/reversed-grid-trial-abandoned-amid-f1-team-impasse 🚺 […]

Why Renault was disqualified from F1’s Japanese Grand Prix

Renault has been thrown out of the results for the recent Japanese Grand Prix, following an FIA investigation prompted by a protest of its cars from rival team Racing Point. While Renault was not found guilty of every issue in the protest, the FIA deemed its brake bias adjustment system was a driver aid, which […]

Suzuka to be Hit by Typhoon? | On Track Recap News 🔁

The Japanese Grand Prix is in the path of a typhoon and Jenson Button is set to miss the Super GT and DTM joint race. On Track Recap gets you up to speed with the top motorsport news from Autosport.com 🌀Super typhoon Hagibis could disrupt Formula 1’s Japanese Grand Prix – https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/146471/japanese-gp-could-be-disrupted-by-super-typhoon 🐂Toro Rosso gives […]

8 F1 drivers who only started one grand prix

Drivers only making one Formula 1 start in their career are a rare breed, and quite often those who appear just once have an interesting story behind their fleeting presence on the F1 grid. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look back through history to pick out eight varied stories about one-time F1 starters – some you […]

How Mercedes fought back against Ferrari’s resurgence

Mercedes has been second best to Ferrari since the Formula 1 summer break, but at the Japanese Grand Prix it attempted to respond with some major car updates. While Ferrari maintained the upper hand in qualifying trim, Valtteri Bottas’s commanding win demonstrated the new parts have made Mercedes even stronger on Sundays. Here we take […]

The bad decisions from F1’s past it must change

Formula 1 is in a period of intense work to shake things up for 2021, but that won’t be easy. Several fundamental problems that F1 chiefs need to tackle can be traced back to bad decisions taken in the past, when those in control weren’t always thinking about what was best for F1’s long-term future. […]

The revolutionary F1 car every team had to copy

There are times throughout F1 history where a car comes along that changes how designers think about their work forever. Giorgio Piola looks back at a car that did just that – the dominant Lotus 79. He also explains the importance of its predecessor the 78, and how rival teams quickly ended up doing a […]