Why Mercedes has gone off the boil in F1

Mercedes started the 2019 F1 season with eight consecutive wins, but in the eight races since then it has only won three times. Edd Straw and Ben Anderson join Glenn Freeman to examine the team’s explanation that it has backed off the development of this year’s car, the role played by Ferrari and Red Bull […]

How things are unravelling for Vettel in F1

Sebastian Vettel’s British Grand Prix weekend was already going badly before he rear-ended Max Verstappen in the race, and that incident was the latest in the growing list of high-profile errors the German has made in battle. Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell join Glenn Freeman to discuss the collision, but also dig deeper into Vettel’s […]

Why F1 is heading for a 'thumbs down' with its 2021 changes

Formula 1’s end-of-October due date for agreeing its new rules for 2021 is drawing ever closer, and the problems that have delayed the key decisions until now remain. Edd Straw talks to ex-F1 designer and Autosport technical consultant Gary Anderson about the direction the plans are heading in, and Gary outlines why he expects the […]

The Red Bull suspension design that could change the game

Red Bull brought their new RB16 to Barcelona testing, complete with a new evolution of their suspension setup. Utilising Giorgio Piola’s illustrations, we delve into the design intricacies of the RB16’s front suspension design, a solution that the team hope will bring them success in 2020. FOLLOW us online: Website: https://www.autosport.com/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/AUTOSPORT Twitter: https://twitter.com/autosport Instagram: […]

5 moments that shaped F1's first 1000 races

Formula 1 celebrates the 1000th world championship race this weekend in China, and to kick off the festivities we’re looking back at races from its history that have defined the way F1 has changed over the years. Join Edd Straw and Stuart Codling from the paddock in Shanghai to take a journey through some of […]

'Ferrari has turned itself into a shambles' – Gary Anderson

Former Jordan, Stewart and Jaguar F1 technical director Gary Anderson offers his thoughts on Ferrari’s troubled 2019 season so far, in a discussion with Edd Straw. They tackle subjects including why Ferrari’s testing pace didn’t translate into race weekends, the fundamental car design issues it seems to have got wrong, and how it could be […]

F1 midfield contenders for 2020

If the adage that rules stability in Formula 1 tightens the field holds true in 2020, then the midfield battle should be one to savour. McLaren headed the best of the rest pack more often than not in 2019, but it still faced stiff competition – so can it keep that form up, or will […]

The tiny tech change that transformed Red Bull's F1 season

Red Bull’s 2019 Formula 1 season has come alive in recent races, with Max Verstappen winning two of the last four grands prix and becoming a regular thorn in the side of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. But how did Red Bull make this step? Jake Boxall-Legge and Scott Mitchell join Glenn Freeman to explain the […]

'Ferrari's F1 driver rivalry risks spiralling out of control'

Tension was high inside Ferrari at the Russian Grand Prix, where it got itself into a team orders mess as Sebastian Vettel failed to follow an instruction to let Charles Leclerc through early in the race. Ben Anderson and Stuart Codling join Glenn Freeman to discuss if Vettel had a case for his actions, how […]

Renault reveals what's been holding it back in 2019

Renault has revealed several details behind its struggles in the early part of the 2019 Formula 1 season, explaining why its engine has been running below full power and why it hopes to turn around the performance of its chassis in time for its home race in France. Edd Straw and Jonathan Noble discuss what’s […]

10 Circuits We'd Like To See Back In F1

Throughout Formula 1’s history, circuits have come and gone – and naturally, there are some that we dearly miss. Technical editor Jake Boxall-Legge has picked 10 circuits he’d like to see back on the F1 calendar, and delves into their past to pick out why they were so exciting. Please feel free to disagree with […]

Netflix Or Esports: What Is Better For Formula 1? | "Is It Just Me?" Podcast

In the pilot episode of our new weekly podcast show, Jess and Luke discuss the impact of both Esports and the Drive to Survive Netflix series on Formula 1, and weigh up which will help bring more fans to the sport. Across this series, we’ll be taking a deep dive into some of F1 and […]