Here’s How Formula 1 Cars Will Be Powered In The Future

Could Hydrogen power a Formula 1 car? F1 might have hedged its bets with hybrid powertrains, but it is still aiming for a greener way to power its race cars in the future. In comes hydrogen power, which uses an entirely sustainable method of generating electricity to propel a racecar. Both Extreme E and the […]

Remember When Sauber Ended Up With Too Many Drivers In 2015? | Formula One

Do you remember when the Sauber F1 team and driver Giedo van der Garde kicked off the 2015 season with a legal battle over the Dutchman’s position at the team? You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that three into two doesn’t go – but back in 2015, it didn’t stop Sauber […]

Why Crypto Fan Tokens Are Coming To F1 in 2021

Cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage lately, with Bitcoin being in 2021’s news multiple times already. But why is F1 adopting a Crypto based token system, currently used by Football teams? Jon Noble takes a look at how the crypto fan token system would work, how these tokens affect F1’s 2021 season, whether the […]

First Look and Analysis of the AlphaTauri AT02 | F1 2021

AlphaTauri has unveiled its new 2021 Formula 1 challenger, the AT02. Whilst the Faenza-based Alphatauri F1 2021 car might be a carried over car from 2020, is it really the same car as the AT01, or is the AT02 an entirely new machine? How will the Alphatauri square up against other midfield Formula 1 teams? […]

The Illegal Formula 1 Innovations Making A Comeback In 2022

Formula 1’s 2022 cars may look completely new, but what about the illegal ideas that are returning for the new wave of F1 machines? From venturi tunnels to wheel covers and more, F1 is looking to improve on the current formula with both old and new ideas, so Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at what […]

The Areas of The W12 Mercedes Don’t Want Us To See | F1 2021

The title-hoarding Brackley squad has unveiled its W12, 2021’s car to beat. With the prestige of streaking to seven successive drivers’ and constructors’ titles comes the obvious question: will this train ever slow down? Of course, the sword of Damocles threatens to dangle above the team’s dominance once the year clicks over to 2022 – […]

Why Aston Martin’s New Tech Is More Than A “Green Mercedes” Formula 1 Car

What new tech makes the AMR21 an upgraded F1 car? Aston Martin has finally revealed it’s 2021 Formula 1 racer, and what a beauty the AMR21 is. Sporting a British Racing Green (ish) livery, Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel launched the new F1 2021 racer, last seen as the RP20 Racing Point car in 2020, […]

The History of British Racing Green in Motorsport

Thanks to the return of Aston Martin and the team adopting a new look following the takeover of the former Racing Point team, the iconic British racing green returns to Formula 1. From Aston Martin to Lotus, British racing teams have been notoriously well-known and considerably successful racing under the British racing green. But why […]

Why Winning in 2021 Will Handicap Teams in Formula 1

Formula 1 is updating it’s aerodynamic testing rules for 2021 with a handicap, and it could have huge ramifications for F1 2022 and beyond’s testing. From this year onwards, F1 teams will have less time in the wind tunnel the higher they place, meaning teams like Mercedes and Red Bull will have less time to […]

Hit or Miss? We Rate The 2021 F1 Liveries

With the 2021 F1 launch season drawing to a close and testing in full effect, Jess McFadyen, Jake Boxall-Legge and Luke Smith discuss which of the 2021 Formula 1 car liveries are a hit. And more importantly which ones completely missed the mark altogether… FOLLOW us online: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]

Murray Walker: The Voice of Formula 1 (1923-2021)

Murray Walker was a gentleman, an Everyman and an exceptional man. Former broadcast colleague, James Allen, explains what made Murray so special, in this personal tribute to “The Voice of Formula 1”. Share your favourite Murray Memory in the comments #RIPMurrayWalker FOLLOW us online: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Credit to: HAT […]

Formula 1’s Most Interesting Testing Tech: McLaren’s Diffuser, Mercedes’ Scalloped Floor + More

From Mercedes’ unique response to Formula 1’s 2021 floor rules, to Ferrari’s hidden serrated vanes and McLaren’s loophole of the new diffuser regulations, a lot was seen for the first time in F1’s shorter pre-season test in Bahrain. But what were the most interesting new technical parts unveiled during the dusty weekend? Jake Boxall-Legge takes […]