Mercedes' major F1 update package explained

The second Formula 1 test of 2019 has kicked off with Mercedes bringing a raft of new parts to its W10. With the help of images caught by Giorgio Piola in the Barcelona pitlane, Jake Boxall-Legge joins Ben Anderson to run through the changes in detail, from the nose and front wing, all the way […]

How things are unravelling for Vettel in F1

Sebastian Vettel’s British Grand Prix weekend was already going badly before he rear-ended Max Verstappen in the race, and that incident was the latest in the growing list of high-profile errors the German has made in battle. Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell join Glenn Freeman to discuss the collision, but also dig deeper into Vettel’s […]

The tiny tech change that transformed Red Bull's F1 season

Red Bull’s 2019 Formula 1 season has come alive in recent races, with Max Verstappen winning two of the last four grands prix and becoming a regular thorn in the side of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. But how did Red Bull make this step? Jake Boxall-Legge and Scott Mitchell join Glenn Freeman to explain the […]

The parts Williams changed to make sure its 2019 F1 car is legal

Williams has been in the news again in the build-up to the Australian Grand Prix, with two areas of its car being altered to ensure they are legal heading to the first race. Our technical editor Jake Boxall-Legge joins Glenn Freeman to explain what was potentially illegal about the FW42’s suspension and mirrors in their […]

F1 testing 2019: What's going wrong for troubled Williams

Following the news that Williams will miss the second day of 2019 F1 testing, Scott Mitchell and Gary Anderson join Glenn Freeman at the Circuit de Catalunya to discuss how things have unravelled for the British team, the worrying signs about the way its no-shows are being announced, and if there can be any hope […]

'You've got to take your own pillow to races' – F1 rookies Lando Norris and George Russell

F1 Racing magazine sat down with new Brits on the block Lando Norris and George Russell for a chat about their hopes and expectations for their first season in Formula 1. As well as their sleep habits, the Formula 2 graduates discuss more serious topics, including what will be considered success in their first year […]

Mercedes v Ferrari v Red Bull: F1 2019 technical analysis

Now we’ve seen their cars in action at the first F1 test, how to the big three teams we expect to see fighting at the front compare? Technical experts Giorgio Piola, Gary Anderson and Jake Boxall-Legge get together at Barcelona for a discussion about the different concepts each team has gone for, and who has […]

Under the (movable!) skin of McLaren's extreme F1 2050 concept

We take a closer look at the detailed concepts for F1’s future outlined recently by McLaren Applied Technologies. Jake Boxall-Legge and Edd Straw join Glenn Freeman to discuss the ideas, which go a lot further than simply mocking up a futuristic car and sending out a few pictures. This is a fully-fledged set of suggestions […]

What Is The Future Of F1?

FIA President, Jean Todt, speaks for the first time about the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and the new reality Motorsport is facing. Can we prevent manufacturers from quitting F1? Watch for more. FOLLOW us online: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Thanks for watching – please like, share and comment, and subscribe!

Lewis Hamilton's Australian GP floor damage explained

Valtteri Bottas dominated the Australian Grand Prix for Mercedes, but teammate Lewis Hamilton couldn’t live with him. It emerged after the race that Hamilton’s car was damaged, costing him performance. Our technical editor Jake Boxall-Legge uses our exclusive 3D animation of the Mercedes W10 to pinpoint where the damage was to the car, and explain […]

Williams F1 history quiz with 2019 driver George Russell

We test 2019 Williams F1 driver George Russell’s knowledge of the great history of his new team with an Autosport quiz. Can you get 100% of the answers right?

How F1's 2019 rule changes are mixing up every GP weekend – Chain Bear explains

Chain Bear’s latest video for Autosport looks at an unexpected impact the rule changes for 2019 have caused in Formula 1, which is making it harder for teams to optimise their cars to find the perfect set-up at each circuit. The rules were designed to focus on improving overtaking on track, but this is a […]