Why The Double Diffuser Was (Down)Forced Out Of F1

Throughout F1’s History we’ve seen many innovations come and go, more often than not through ingenious loopholes being found in the regulations. One of the best examples of this took place over the 2009 season, with the infamous double diffuser being such a vital addition that it led to an arms race. In our latest […]

Harvard Rugby 2013 Total Rugby

Brains meets brawn as we travel to Harvard University, find out why rugby is so important to the current crop of academics!

Ross Brawn on Virus, 2021 Rules and Netflix – Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Ross Brawn at a recent media day organised by F1 sponsor 188 Bet, the Managing Director of Motorsports at Formula 1 gives his insights into how F1 is dealing with the Coronavirus, the 2021 F1 Regulations and how “Drive to Survive” on Netflix has impacted the F1 fanbase. FOLLOW us […]