Why windtunnels are important

Gary Anderson, Autosport’s Technical Consultant and Chris Saunders from Lola chat about why windtunnels are critical to modern day design process and the different applications of a wind tunnel. Lola’s windtunnel has been instrumental in the aerodynamic performance of several successful racing cars and much more over the years. Chris Saunders guides us through the […]

5 steps to a successful wind tunnel programme

Gary Anderson is back with our final instalment of our wind tunnel series with Lola, and is joined by Mark Williams and Chris Saunders to discuss the key points you must think about when going about development of aero parts and windtunnel programs.

Mahindra Blueprints – aerodynamic secrets of a Formula E car

In this new video, Formula E presenter Nicki Shields explains the design of the spec bodykit that house’s Mahindra Racing’s M5 Electro powertrain. This covers all the aerodynamic thinking behind the new-look machine introduced by the electric championship for the 2018/19 season and how its features are aimed at keeping the racing close. From the […]