sports betting strategies – betting strategy ( Value betting )

sports betting strategies and betting strategy. In this video I will give you a tip on how to do “value betting”.

Hello and welcome back to my channel! Here in description I will tell you top 8
tips to improve your football betting strategy. there is no guarantee that you will always win in sports betting but if you have good betting strategy you can be profitable and maybe even do it for a living

Tip 1: Be open to learning new tips and tricks

I’m saying this because when it comes to betting online and football, the results
are unpredictable. You might have all the information about a League’s stats,
players and the expected results, but without knowing the intricacies and the
nuances of the betting market, you could put your money at great risk and you
might end up losing or gaining very little or no profit at all.
Know that there is always room for improvement so be curious but smart.
Check out other punters’ strategies and try to gain new information about your
teams. Keep yourself updated on the football trends and the betting market.

Tip 2: Stick with the League You Know

Devoting your time to learning each detail about your team is crucial. For
instance, if you are betting on the Premier League Games and you have been
following Manchester United, stick to that league. Punters who switch from
betting on a Premier League to English Second Division will find it hard to keep
up with everything that is going on between those teams. Sticking to a league
will improve your focus and help you improve your strategies and betting

Tip 3: Stick to the market you are most comfortable with

There are thousands of betting market on the net with different plans and offers.
However, if you know how a 1×2 market or the Asian Handicaps play, stick to
those betting markets. Familiarity makes it easier for you to read the lines and
understand the risk factors better. If you are good at Asian Handicap, it will not
profit you to look for a market with large goal scorer or a 10-minutes throw in a
line. If you are used to a particular market, try and master all your potentials in
that platform before you decide to explore other platforms.

Tip 4: Practice Money Management

It is important to always have your mind on your money before placing a bet.
Responsible betting can turn your hobby into an investment if you know how to
manage your assets when to call it quits or go all in.

For instance, you can start with flat betting, that is, bet the same amount for
each play to minimize your risk of ruin. Once you have made enough profit, you
can chase or increase your bets depending on your interests.

Tip 5: Track all your betting records

It is important to keep a record of every bet you place, whether you win or lose.
This strategy will give you a clearer insight into the market patterns and your
team’s performance. You will be able to learn or identify trends and mistakes
you are making by looking at these records. Keeping a record also helps you
remember events in a long term and prevent you from repeating the same

Tip 6: Evaluate Performance Potentials

When you are betting on football, it is most likely that you will keep yourself
updated about your team. You will be hearing about their wins or losses and
whether they have been performing well. But when it comes to betting, knowing
only the current performance and stats is not enough.
You have to look beyond the performance and access what is going on behind
the scenes. Were there any injuries or suspensions of star players? Is the
opponent bringing in new players? Is the team coach feeling positive about the
match? These are just examples, but knowing such details will greatly influence
your bets on the winning team.
Some of the factors that influence the match you should look out for before
placing your bet on a team are:

– Head to head Records
– Style of play
– Current form
– Discipline
– Schedule
– Overall team quality
– Suspension and injuries
– Motivation and psychology
– Quality of opponents
– Margin of losing/winning

Tip 7: Have Multiple Betting Accounts

Lastly, the most effective way to bet better in football is to have multiple
accounts. When you have the opportunity to try out all the odds, why not take
it! You can get large returns from small stakes no matter which team wins!
Although professional punters discourage against having multiple betting
accounts, websites like Smartbets compare the odds of a range of bookmakers.
If you have an account in each bookmaker, you can select your best odds and
increase your value bet!


tip 8: Well those are sports betting strategies and make sure to see this entire video about how to find Value betting

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