Lando Norris Explains “Last Lap Lando” | 2020 Season Review

Lando Norris has had a great 2nd year in F1, helping take McLaren to 3rd in the constructors championship for the first time since 2013, and this year winning the British Competition Driver award at the 2020 Autosport Awards. But how does Lando think the year went? What does he think about losing Carlos Sainz and gaining Daniel Ricciardo? And where did those “Last Lap Lando” moments come from? We spoke to Lando to get the answers to these questions and more!

0:00 Intro – Lando Norris Wins
0:28 Winning the British Competition Driver Award
0:43 Lando and George Russell
1:16 2020 Highlights
2:18 “Last Lap Lando”
3:21 2020’s Challenges
4:15 Improving for F1 2021
5:26 Lando and Carlos Sainz
6:08 Lando and Daniel Ricciardo
6:51 Christmas Plans and The Future

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