How The First McLaren Mercedes F1 Car Led To Greatness – The MP4/10

How did the McLaren Mercedes MP4/10 eventually lead to multiple F1 World Championship Wins? McLaren and Mercedes are two of the biggest names in Formula 1, and in 2021 are going to be partnered yet again for the McLaren MCL35M. But what happened the first time that Mercedes supplied McLaren with an engine? Jake Boxall-Legge jumps back to 1995 to see how the car may not have been the most successful F1 car ever, but paved the way for a powerhouse of a partnership.

0:00 McLaren & Mercedes Together Again
0:30 McLaren’s 90s Engine Situation
1:30 The MP4/10 & its Drivers
2:31 Midwings and Aerodynamics
3:15 How Did The Mp4/10 Perform?
4:02 Changing The Aero Rules
4:42 Mansell’s Short Return To F1
5:19 Hakkinen’ & The 1995 Season
6:23 Looking To McLaren & Mercedes’ Future

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