How Tech Updates Fuelled F1’s Intense Midfield Battle

Formula 1’s Midfield was the real battle was in 2020 and the technical updates came swift and fast throughout the year, as McLaren claimed 3rd place, closely followed by Racing Point Renault, Ferrari and AlphaTauri. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at the tech updates that fuelled the midfield race, as well as what happened to Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams at the back.

Part 1: Mercedes vs Ferrari:

0:00 The Midfield Battle
0:30 Racing Point’s Pink Mercedes
1:18 Renault’s R.S.20 Fighter
2:08 McLaren Takes 3rd Place
2:56 Ferrari Drags Behind
4:20 AlphaTauri’s Stellar Year
5:00 The Back End Of The Grid
5:12 Alfa Romeo Lagging Behind
5:39 Haas’s 2020 Woes
5:59 Williams Look To 2021
6:20 2021’s Midfield Tech

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