How Red Bull Avoided Flexi-Wing Protests At Azerbaijan Grand Prix | Formula 1

What did Red Bull do to it’s new rear wing design to steer clear of a flexi-wing protest? They’ve been under the microscope recently by the FIA and Mercedes, but at Azerbaijan Red Bull brought out an all-new curved rear wing to help beat Lewis Hamilton. At the same time, Ferrari and Mercedes both tried differing tactics to try and claim top spot, so Jake Boxall-Legge looks at the various changes to Formula 1’s sea of rear wings options.

0:00 Azerbaijan’s Aero Conundrum
0:40 Red Bull’s Updated Wing
1:43 How Red Bull Succeeded Throughout The Lap
2:18 Ferrari’s Baku Rear Wing Tactics
2:50 Mercedes’ Split Wing Plan Backfires
3:50 Formula 1’s Flexi-Wing Issue

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