Formula 1’s Most Beautiful Car You’ve Never Heard Of

Do you remember when the Scarab name appeared on the Formula 1 entry list? As it was over 60 years ago, probably not – but the team’s short-lived time in F1 is a story worth telling.

In Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle’s likeness was particularly emblematic, but after the Romans invaded, that symbolism disappeared between the sands of time.

That was until the 1950s, where Scarabs briefly made an appearance in the lexicon of American motorsport.

In its metallic baby-blue scheme, the reign of the Scarab was short-lived but successful in the field of sportscars, starting out in the amateur competitions and culminating in victory at the Riverside International Grand Prix, thanks to the efforts of mechanic/racer Chuck Daigh.

But the American marque was unable to make a fruitful transition to Formula 1, enjoying nothing more than sporadic appearances at the back of the grid in 1960 before disappearing at the end of the year.

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