Formula 1’s 2 Lap Race At Spa Explained – And What Needs To Change

Should the fans be refunded after Spa’s wet weekend? After many hours of delays, the Belgian GP awarded half points to the grid, despite it being F1’s shortest race in history. But what does Formula 1 need to change to make sure the Spa Farce never happens again? Jess McFadyen looks at how the rulebook lead to confusion, whether points should have been awarded and whether fans at the event deserve a refund or more.

0:00 Belgian GP’s Race Washed Away
0:59 F1 Deserves Credit
1:35 The 2 Lap Rule
2:26 F1’s Complicated Rulebook
4:10 Refund The Fans?
5:06 A 2nd ‘Race’ At Spa?

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