F1’s 2022 Tech in 3D – Everything You Need To Know

Despite a setback from 2021 to 2022, Formula 1’s technical update is nearly here. With all-new F1 car designs, tyre upgrades, fresh wings and a new-yet-familiar venturi tunnel floor, 2022 promises to be a groundbreaking year for Formula 1. Not only that, Jake Boxall-Legge also looks at what to expect as the year goes on, what are 2022’s aims, and will all the new F1 car changes work.

0:00 F1’s 2022 Updates
1:11 F1 2022’s Aims
2:36 Venturi Tunnels
3:07 Front and Rear Wings
3:40 Bargeboards Are Gone
3:54 18 Inch Tyres, Covers & Deflectors
4:20 Suspension
4:53 Will The New Aero Work?
5:48 How Will The Cars Develop?
6:33 Aero Trickery
6:48 Design Convergence

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