F1 2020 Tech Review: Mercedes vs Red Bull

How did Formula 1’s 2020 front runners, Mercedes and Red Bull, develop their cars over the season? Both teams use new and innovative ideas, and unleashed updated packages at key Grand Prix throughout the year, so Jake Boxall-Legge dives deeper into where Mercedes and Red Bull’s F1 cars improved over the year, using our latest 3D animations to take a look at the components up close.

0:00 The 2020 Season
0:32 Development Trends
1:31 DAS & The Tech Behind The W11
2:41 Mercedes’ New Aero Tech
3:28 W11’s Belgian Updates
4:33 Red Bull’s New Front End
5:43 RB16’s Updated Rear Wings & Silverstone
6:58 Red Bull’s Clever New Front Wing
7:37 Mercedes, Red Bull & More In 2021

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