Australian GP Guide

Our exclusive Australian Grand Prix F1 track guide highlights the key parts of the Albert Park circuit, including a new DRS zone that has been added to improve overtaking opportunities. For more:

Upgraded tech for week two – F1 2020 Test 2 | Tech Analysis

It’s the 2nd week of testing, and many teams have entered the week with updated bodywork, ranging from new wings to new horns. Our Technical Editor Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at some of the upgrades Ferrari, Williams and Alfa Romeo have brought out to hopefully improve their chances at winning this season. FOLLOW us […]

Trouble at the top – F1 2020 test 2 – DAY 2 | The Rundown

Alex Kalinauckas (Grand Prix Editor, Autosport) and Luke Smith (F1 Reporter, Autosport) are joined by Ben Anderson (Editor and Driver, GP Racing) to discuss day 2 of the 2nd pre-season test of the Formula 1 2020 season. Notable moments include a Mercedes break down and Ferrari topping the timesheets. Watch now to get the full […]

Who's playing the field? F1 2020 Test 2 – DAY 1 | The Rundown

We’re back in Barcelona for the first day of the second Formula 1 pre-season test. Alex, Jon and Luke rundown the news from today and a notably slower fastest time than last week. Who’s sandbagging? Ferrari? Mercedes? Racing Point? Watch to find out what the guys think. READ Alex’s full test 2 DAY 1 report […]

The Red Bull suspension design that could change the game

Red Bull brought their new RB16 to Barcelona testing, complete with a new evolution of their suspension setup. Utilising Giorgio Piola’s illustrations, we delve into the design intricacies of the RB16’s front suspension design, a solution that the team hope will bring them success in 2020. FOLLOW us online: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]

Why talk of third cars in F1 is 'ridiculous'

The idea of teams being able to run third cars on grand prix weekends – perhaps to give young drivers a chance in F1 – remains on the news agenda, largely through the work of Mercedes chief Toto Wolff. Glenn Freeman is joined by Edd Straw and Stuart Codling to discuss if it’s a good […]

New IndyCar 'a throwback to the 1980s and 90s'

Reigning IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden says the series’ new car for 2018 will take racing back to the style that was so popular during the heyday of the 1980s and 1990s.

F1 testing 2019: What's going wrong for troubled Williams

Following the news that Williams will miss the second day of 2019 F1 testing, Scott Mitchell and Gary Anderson join Glenn Freeman at the Circuit de Catalunya …

Mercedes' low-downforce F1 tricks

Motorsport Show investigates how Mercedes makes changes to its rear wing whenever it visits a high-speed F1 circuit. For more:

Don't be fooled by Mercedes' sudden turn of pace

Lewis Hamilton came within three thousandths of a second of setting the fastest time of pre-season testing on the final afternoon of running, as Mercedes finally showed a real turn of pace. But don’t be fooled by that. Ferrari still has the edge. Ben Anderson is joined by Edd Straw and Tom Errington in Barcelona […]

Why talk of a Mercedes conspiracy is rubbish

The Autosport team discusses the fanfare around Pirelli’s tyre changes for the Spanish GP, and Sebastian Vettel’s realisation after he tried the original tyres in the post-race test.

F1 eSports 2018: Enzo Bonito wins Baku PC race

All the best action from the Baku round of F1 eSports qualifiers on PC.