After failing to make the World Series, where do the NY Yankees from here? | Nothing Personal

David Samson has a lot to say about what he thinks the New York Yankees need to do in the off season in order to prevent having another failure of a year. Keep watching for his prospective on Jalen Ramsey, NFL officiating, and his review on Paul Rudd’s latest show (featuring Tom Brady’s now famous cameo)

0:16 – “This season was a failure” – Aaron Judge. Where does David Samson think the Yankees should go from here

9:44 – Jalen Ramsey’s back

11:59 – NY Jets and Osemele controversy

16:05 – Arthur Blank says he still supports Dan Quinn

18:35 – Matt Nagy comments at media regarding negative coverage

22:56 – Baker Mayfield and Clay Matthews get fined for comments about officiating

26:50 – Samson reviews ‘Living With Yourself’ and Tom Brady’s Cameo in it

30:41 – The day before the World Series

36:23 – Rumor has it, MLB will allow investment funds to become limited partners in MLB teams

42:25 – Wait to see


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