4 Things We’d Change To Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya | Formula 1

How do you fix the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya? Was the new Turn 10 any better? And is it a completely boring circuit? Spanish GP races are usually a snoozefest, and despite Mercedes’ exciting strategic win, the 2021 GP wasn’t much better. But why is that? Jake Boxall-Legge has 4 ways the circuit could improve, whether the new Turn 10 saved the day, and how Formula 1 drivers could benefit from circuit upgrades.

0:00 Barcelona’s Highlights
0:26 The 2021 Spanish GP
1:04 Turn 10’s Upgrades
1:35 David Coulthard’s Thoughts
2:02 How Can We Improve Barcelona?
2:29 The First Half Of The Circuit
3:26 How To Fix Turn 10
4:10 Salvaging Barcelona’s Chicane
4:50 Can Barcelona Be Exciting?

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